Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WOW - 110 followers so far!

Wow - you must really love blog candy! I've got 110 followers so far and I said if I get 100 by 10/17, I'll add another bonus that's what I'm here for!

I'll be putting together another little package, but in the meantime...wanna know what to do to win it? Just leave me a comment on this post answering the following question and I will choose my favorite answer to win! You have until Sunday 10/17! Oh, and you need to be a follower for this one too!

It's my birthday weekend coming up, I'm off work for 5 days, my son was accepted at University of Pittsburgh and Drexel this week, he also scored the first goal in his senior night soccer game last night and I am blessed with a beautiful family and wonderful friends that surround me with love and a healthy dose of humor on a regular basis.

I have a lot to smile about lately, so What makes you smile?

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  1. Well, of course I'm a follower already ... You know I'm one of your biggest fans! Simply adore your {sweet} work :) We are so much alike, my friend!

    My family makes me smile the most. My 20 yo son is a sophomore at NC State University studying Engineering and my 19 yo son is a freshman at Campbell University studying Professional Golf Management! I've been married to my hubby for 24 years and we have the sweetest chocolate toy poodle, named Hershey ... which I introduce as my daughter! I'm blessed to have these people in my life ... they are my life and make me smile each and every day!

    Crossing my fingers {and toes} for the prize :)

  2. Your comment made me smile because University of Pgh is almost in my backyard! Cool, I love finding other bloggers that have connections or homes close to mine, kinda makes you realize it's a small world afterall! I have lots of other things to make me smile too, I have 2 great kids and a husband who is still (after 11 years of putting up with me) my best friend too. Oh, and btw, Happy Birthday weekend - mine is on Monday - we should celebrate together (grins)! Have a great day.

    Scrappily Ever After Blog

  3. Wow! Sounds like you are having a great week leading up to your birthday. Many things make me smile - blessings are everywhere if you are looking for them. My family, our dog being so sweet to our new kitten, a sunny day, a breeze, a butterfly, a friend, an email....

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like things are going great. I smile easily, lol! Just things like when I pick up my son from work, just looking at him walk to the car, he is turning into a man, I remember him as a baby and smile. My daughter is so silly and goofy all the time, but so darn smart, she makes me smile. And my little Dachshunds, everyday around 2:00 they get excited and jump at me and run around because they want to go out to play. I take them out and they are just so happy, my heart just swells. Sorry for rambling, lol I am easily amused. Have a great day. :)

  5. I'm constantly amused & smiling at my 10-years-older husband who is the delight of my life after nearly 32 years of marriage and a constant source of joy in our retirement. He also makes me smile because he indulges me in my creative endeavors and allows me to pursue this fabulous hobby even in these difficult economic times. If we can keep each other smiling, I think we'll all be okay?! ;~) {{{Smiles & Hugs}}}

  6. I hate to be a downer in the midst of all these lovely comments, but this week has been full of tears and not too many smiles for me. My mother had emergency surgery Monday morning and never came out of the anesthesia. She had a major basilar artery stroke and is dependent on a ventilator. I'm leaving for OH (a 7 hr. trip) in the morning and seeing her respond would bring a huge smile! But I'm prepared for what looks like a tough love decision to end life support. Behind the veil of tears, I will be smiling knowing that she's in the arms of God if that is His will. Cyber friends and real friends are the best and I thank you for any prayers lifted in our family's behalf!

  7. Hi pattie! You were just asking where that image came from that I used. (from Creative INspirations DT blog) Its a mo manning. You can get it at

  8. What makes me smile?...meeting sweethearts like you. :) I hope you have a VERY fun birthday this weekend, and big CONGRATS to your son!

  9. Pattie, congratulations on your sons' achievement! Great that you have so many good news to keep you smiling. God must be blessing you with happiness.

    What make me smile? I guess would be my daughter's cheerful and the cute actions she does. Never felt that great when she smile and I will follow to smile as well. Children are just so adorable and innocent. Aren't they?

    Happy Birthday, by the way!

  10. mi trovo a letto con la febbre e oggi non ci sarebbe proprio nulla per cui sorridere ed invece guardo blog come il tuo che mi fanno venir voglia di sorridere e rimettermi presto per creare nuove magie grazie

  11. What a wonderful week you're having--YAY! I have so much to smile about: my wonderful dh of 18 years, my 3 wonderful kiddos, our great puppy :-), some terrific friends, and especially an awesome God! I am so blessed!!


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