Thursday, September 8, 2011

Got You a Little Something!

Hi there! It's still raining like crazy here in PA and MD and I just hope it stops soon. Five days is enough! Flooding has caused so many problems...schools are closed or delayed in surrounding's worse than the hurricane rains we got last week. And, I don't usually share my everyday life stories, but I feel inclined to do so today. I think my posts are a bit boring, so you might just see a few here and there in the future!

I was up most of last night with my dog...I think she is actually part yellow lab, part chicken because when it comes to thunder...she is all chicken! I wound up sleeping on the sofa last night because she was freaking out and my hubs woke me up at 5 am when he leaves for work and told me to go up to bed. That didn't last long cause I have to get up at 7 to make sure my dd is awake for school and that's when it went downhill....I lost track of the time, dozed off and woke up 5 minutes before I was supposed to be at work! Yep, it's one of THOSE mornings!

So, while I was crafting last night and trying to keep my '85 lb. hunk of love' from hiding under my legs and under my craft table, I made sure to play along with a couple of my favorite challenges! Now, she's not even allowed upstairs let alone in my craft room because the sheer strength of her whipping tail is enough to send small parts flying everywhere, so for her to be allowed in there was something special I tell ya...and she knows it! (Can you guess why they call me Chattie Pattie yet?) Now, back to the reason you're here...a card!

Here's Moka Olivia by Taylored Expressions in all her shopping glory! I wish I was shopping right now instead of sitting here dreading a trip out in the rain to go to the bank for my store. She's colored with Copics and layered up with some fun WRMK papers. I just love this can be used for so many occasions or 'just because!'

I kept this one pretty simple and just followed the TESC sketch. I added a couple of gems on my image and some paper buttons topped with a sparkly brad next to the sentiment. I don't know about you, but I have an over abundance of brads, so get ready...I'm vowing to try to use one on every card I make! Thanks for stopping by today!

Taylored Expressions - TESC145 - Sketch
Cupcake Inspirations 126 - Inspiration photo

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  1. Very cute card! Hope you're able to sleep tonight!

  2. Sounds like a very rough night, Pattie! Hope the bad weather stops and you get a great night's sleep tonight!

    My kids are 13 & 15 now... They spoiled me yesterday and today by letting me sleep! Shhh, don't want my dh to hear how easy I had it lol... So nice now that they get themselves off to school all on their own!

    What a beautiful card, I love your coloring!


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